Monday, June 18, 2012

A Tradition Like One Other...


Shirt: Gap | Shorts: Marshalls (Similar jcrew) | Belt: TJ Maxx | Hat: The Masters (I only paid $20:) | Shoes: Nike | Earrings: Chanel

This past April I had such a special privilege to attend the only sporting event tradition that is like none other...The Masters in Augusta, GA. My weekend consisted of something like this: watching every superstar golf celebrity walk by so close I could touch, listening to roars of fans cheering for their favorite player all over the course, eating loads of "The Masters" pimiento cheese sandwiches and only paying $1.50, enjoying free parking, all surrounded by the most pristine, lush, and green 365 acres you could ever imagine...oh and forever cementing the memory of Bubba Watson walking down the 18th fairway! Of course the only place in this world you can purchase the Masters golf attire is at the Masters. So I snagged this hat and had my first chance to wear it during my afternoon golf outing with my dad and brother. And you know I'd never pass up a chance to blog about sports style. My motto: If you can't play the sport, at least look like you do. So I hope I did a good enough job faking you all out today with my crazy good or more like amazing golf skills. But you better believe I enjoyed every minute of it today! Sports + Style = Why not? What do you enjoy wearing to some of your favorite sporting events?

If you ever have the opportunity, please check The Masters off your bucket they say "it's a tradition like none other"!


Andrea said...

Very cute! I'm not so much into golf but i might show some style at a skating event. :-)

Flipside Fashion said...

There ya go Andrea...I love the way you're thinking here :)