Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life Lately in Instagrams...

New Fav Booties from GAP. They go with everything!
Fav Michael Kors Watch & Layer Bracelets
National Sibling Day
Date Night with Greg Downtown
New Office Makeover
Lovely artwork by Pat Crase 
Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow...excellent read! Plus a neon Shellac manicure. ha
Silliness in Destin, FL...I get made fun of for standing by random objects for blog pictures.
A perfect day on the beach!
Blue water and White Sandy Beaches...Seagrove Beach, FL
A little off-roading in Arkansas Labor Day Weekend
I knew that Greg would appreciate the Katie in a Squad Car look now that he's officially a Sheriff's Deputy.
So proud of him!
Mission: Musty Smelling Closet...I washed every item of clothing I owned. Literally. 
Surprise Beautiful Bubble Necklace in the Mail. From: Your Facebook Friend for Life
Still haven't figured out who this is! But I love it! 
Fun Inspiration in my Elle and Bazaar October issues. Love the Michael Kors look this fall.
A little pep me up one Monday morning at work!
Gorgeous Kate Spade dress on the clearance rack at Marshalls! I wanted to buy just because but had nothing in mind that I would need an ivory cocktail dress for yet.
Rooftop Party French-Themed decor for work.
Gearing up for some Zag Basketball this season.
Repping my t-shirt Drew sent me in the mail.
New haircut! Go see David at Hudson Hair Studio. Seriously.
Greg in action during Fall Ball. He's a beast:)



Meredith said...

Katie I love every single one of these photos!! I miss you...ok and that Kate Spade Dress is STUNNING!!! You are the greatest Marshalls/TJ Maxx shopper ever!!!

Flipside Fashion said...

You are the sweetest! Thanks...I can't tell you how hard it was not to buy even though I had no use for it and it was still $100+ on clearance. :) Miss you too.

Kristine Rutledge said...

Great blog and pictures! I would love to follow one another, if interested stop by

and follow me if you like and I will definitely follow you back!